Book Club Casting

Meet my book club.

There are five lovely ladies who range in age between mid-twenties and early thirties. Three of which are married, two of which are single. One with a kid, one pregnant, and three without munchkins. Three ladies in non-profit work, two in for-profit organizations. Four of which sold books for three or more years, one which is considering seasonal bookselling. All of which have university educations, four bachelor’s degrees one master’s. Areas of specialities: philosophy, mass communication, writing, literature, history, public relations, health services, women’s studies, social justice, and reproductive health. Interests: musicals, fan fiction, graphic novels, pets, running, entertaining, kickboxing, gardening, and movies. Books most likely to select: Something with nonlinear timelines, divey diners, philanthropy, feminism, or popular culture.

There are four (ish) dashing gentlemen. Four (ish) because we recently lost a member to Minnesota, we’re still working the skype option out. They range in age from early twenties to mid-sixties. One of which is married, one of which is engaged, and two of which are single. One has two stepchildren (plus grandkids) and the others are without kids. Three of which work in for profit companies, one of which works for a non-profit. All of which have sold books for more than a year. All of which have university educations, four bachelor’s degrees and one currently attending graduate school. Areas of specialities: Urban planning, program development, veteran integration, process improvement, information technology, biology, anthropology, current affairs, and politics.Interests: Bicycling, video games, graphic novels, running, yoga, entrepreneurship, dungeons and dragons, wine, coffee, and camping. Books most likely to select: journalistic science, social justice, classics, race studies, and coming of age stories.

We enjoy eating, drinking, laughing, staying up too late, field trips, and entertaining. You’d like us. We’re a good, if somewhat dangerous, time.   

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by John le Carré was August’s book club choice.


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