3 Things I’ve Learned and 2 I Haven’t

Sure, the book looks good on the shelf but does it work?

I’ve experimented a bit with The Daily Face: 25 Makeup Looks for Day, Night, and Everything In Between! By Annamarie Tendler from A Cautionary Tale of Selling Your Books.

I’m not a fashion expert, I didn’t go to cosmetology school, and I had never even heard of eyeliner gel. My resume of “Previous Makeup Experience” consists of formal dances where my sister (the cosmetologist) applied my makeup for me, a post-college experience where if I blink into my mascara brush it more or less applies darker color to my lashes, and a longing for red lipstick with an awareness that it may seem a bit loud.

Okay, great. Now I feel like we can talk about the book.

Things I have learned

1.Gel eyeliner is the halfway point between the precision and inflexibility of liquid eyeliner (not traditionally my strong suit) and soft, smudgier pencil eyeliner.

2.Curling eye lashing is to be done prior to applying mascara.

3.The existence of cream shadows.

Things I have not yet learned

1.How to do a decent wing. Fortunately, Tendler gives me hope:

I encounter many women who are too intimidated to try a winged liner. I understand- it takes practice and patience to master. Still, I believe that learning to do a solid cat eye is worth your time and energy.

2.How to prevent face melting. The book doesn’t really address it much. Allow me to rephase- thus far, my haphazard, nonlinear perusal of the book has not provided a solution. The closest it seems to come is discussing the importance of “creaseless” cream shadows so the shadow doesn’t all center around the eye crease. Maybe it’s the quality of my makeup, maybe it’s my skin type, maybe it’s the 90-degree weather, but my eyeliner ends up on my lid all smudgy like. I end up doing a lot of face doctoring during the day.

Here are some examples of my models and my attempts. 

Three daytime looks:

Summer in the CityPretty in PinkEmerald City

  One evening look:


And one party look:

Untitled design



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