The “$16.95” Book

I picked up The Daily Face: 25 Makeup Looks for Day, Night, and Everything In Between! By Annamarie Tendler, not heeding my own words of warning from A Cautionary Tale of Selling Your Books. I went straight from the bookstore to the drugstore to buy new makeup.

What sold me about Tendler’s book is the minimalist approach. In the introduction, she explains:

I am a firm believer in only using foundation for special events, like your wedding, or when you know you’re going to be photographed. Even then it it should be used sparingly. I believe makeup is about hitting the right spots with the right amount of makeup, not painting the entire face.

Yes! And also, thank God! Because as expensive as my trip(s) were, if I had to factor in the “foundation-concealer-powder” combos too… yikes. Later, when she’s advocating for mascara as your best friend she describes:

The fact is the only people who do notice your imperfections are those who might not like you (who cares what they think anyway?) and your ex’s current girlfriend. In short, you are covering up your imperfections for a small minority of people. So instead of covering what you think is bad, why not accentuate what is really, really good: your eyelashes?

I love it. Frankly, she’s right. All that makeup doesn’t sit well on my face and feeling like it’s a requirement leads to skipping any makeup at all.

She’s got seven day time looks. I stocked up for all of them. I also picked up supplies for one “Evening Look” (for a show I was attending) and one “Party Look” (for a wedding). When the dust settled I spent $229.96 in makeup after three trips. Oh goodness. And honestly, as I later plead my case, it isn’t even the expensive stuff!

The sales rep in cosmetics and I spoke at length. (Once a bookseller, always a bookseller) I showed her the different styles, explained what I liked about the book, showed her what products I thought were a close match or the recommended versions. She asked where I purchased the book, for how much, and thinks she can convince her manager to buy it for employee sales techniques. Oops.

As an FYI, Tendler keeps her website up to date with any alternative brands/makeups, as product lines change.


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