Ignorant Outlaw

If my ” 8 Guidelines for Personal Reading,” were instead “8 Laws of a Bibliophile,” I would be in the Backroom Clink. Lock me away, I’ve errored in naivety.

Several weeks ago my fella whisked me away to one of the touristy beach towns not far from home. Our first stop was a local bookstore Between the Covers. It’s a lovely little place, although perhaps a bit too bright and clean to invoke homey feelings. However, the cliche of bookish delight was still inspired by the olfactory aroma of printed pages. I’m such a sucker.

Wandering around dragging finger tips across bindings, straightening the tables and restacking piles, filing the magazines in a more orderly fashion, my significant other distanced himself pretending not to know me. However, I discovered several books which escaped my notice upon release. Unfortunately, this happens more often than I’d like to admit. My backlog of books to read stays at a constantly unachievable number. When I worked in a bookstore, handling product forced me to add to its number. Now I’m left to my own research methods, which are sloppy and a tad dated.

One of the books that excited me was One Rainy Day in May (The Familiar Volume 1). Completely unaware Danielewski published recently, I thought “Just what I need, a little madness in my life!” Also, score for achieving Guideline #7. At a glance, it’s an 800+ page count. Unsurprisingly, it is also elaborately designed in terms of formatting. Next to it sat Into The Forest (The Familiar Volume 2). With no additional research, I added it to my library checkout list assuming this was a two volume set. Who in their right mind would make more than two volumes of such size and effort?

At page 200, I began to have doubts. I then opened up Google only to discover the NPR interview. Now I am trapped in a series that is planned to have 27 volumes but… and this is my absolute worst fear as a reader “If the readers don’t turn out for it if the ratings aren’t high enough, this will not see a conclusion.” At 200 pages, I’ve committed myself to characters and now, like it or not, I’ll probably see it through as far as we go.

Jailed for breaking laws 1 & 2. I blame the cheery bookstore. My apologies.


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