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Inspired by : Book Blogger’s Hop: Book Club Bloggers

This week’s question: Do Any of Your Book Club Members Have a Blog?

Answer: Galacticdeep is a fellow book club member. One member used to send out newsletters to a group of people (presumably outside of just our book club) called Mismatched Socks and Musings (I think). I think that endeavor concluded, however. Another member is an occasional editor and collaborated with my projects. One is an aspiring novelist, who will write a lovely, nerdy, interesting tale as soon as life comes to a natural slow. Maybe in thirty years. Several members write in some capacity professionally. Frankly, I am the least likely author. However, such is life.

Do you compare notes if they do?

Answer: Galacticdeep  writes primarily original ideas. He works on narratives centered around philosophy, political sciences, and Grand Rapids, Michigan (our base city). Aside from that, technically I am not supposed to talk about book club outside of book club.

Aside from that, technically I am not supposed to talk about book club outside of book club. I ruin book club that way. For example, in July we read

For example, in July we read The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson. Two weeks before book club I complained to another member while we were out to eat about how reading this book is like riding in a car with Child-Bryson whining, “Are we there yet?” the whole way. She described how it felt like Bryson indicated he was looking for small town America in the subtitle but only passed through major cities like New York or Philadelphia. Sometimes, late at night, I’d text message a different friend about how much I love Bryson’s dead father. The stories about him were my favorite part. After a few weeks of that, we all show up for book club. Suddenly no one wants to talk about the book. Surprise!

I try to keep my insights, complaints, and commentary to myself. Sometimes it’s like trying to hold back a sneeze, though.

Also, I wait to write my blog about book club until after we meet as a group. You never know, they may have pearls of wisdom I’d like to steal. With their permission  forgiveness of course.



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