Attracting a Reader

Creating a book to be designed by it’s cover is an art in it’s own right. There a big names in book graphics like Chip Kidd, fellow bloggers like nikolettahadjiyianni, and your average bookstore patron who zeros in on the outside of the book, determining appeal and commitment value.

The flashy hoopla around Danielewski’s books draws me towards his stuff. I read House of Leaves several years ago and without the novelty of the internal design, I’m not sure I would have enjoyed it half as much. I wouldn’t categorize Danielewski as a favorite author or an old standby that I regularly enjoy. Reading his work means approaching each piece as an unknown or with a beginner’s mind.

I’m intrigued to talk with someone who has read House of Leaves in an ebook format. As I’m a primarily tactile reader, Danielewski’s work is accessible and plays upon the physical actions I must take to interact with the book. Do digital readers experience the same thing?

For those who haven’t picked up a copy of House of Leaves or One Rainy Day in May (The Familiar: Volume 1) I’ve included some images. In conventionally written books, do you notice the typography, the graphic designs on the front? Do you consider the choices in included photos?

Below is sample text from House of Leaves for visual reference. Feature image is from The Cheese Monkeys trade cloth (hard cover) edition.



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