Carefree: Celebration in Two Scoops

Blue and brown goo leaked through my fingers, oozed down my bare legs, racing towards my feet. My hands, legs, lips, and teeth were staining that perfect color of blue moon ice cream. The paper cup contained my ice cream about as well as I contained excitement. I could have used a garden hose. This was a celebration to end all celebrations. I felt completely carefree.

Yesterday, after a long week of waiting, I got a phone call offering me an opportunity I have worked years towards. I’m reading One Rainy Day In May (The Familiar Volume One) and as Astair puts it:

“I’m finally getting my triple D’s: degree, direction and a chance to make a difference.”


In April I got my degree. Yesterday that call gave me a direction and chance to make a difference. I’ve worked a long long time aligning my stars. In  pursuit of my interests I’ve worked multiple jobs, gotten two degrees, and bent to the point of breaking but finally, yesterday, it all felt worth it.

I sent out text messages inviting shared celebration. My people are amazing people. They have experienced this journey with me. Some of the people I called told me they had checked their phones as many times as I did in the last week, obsessing over expectant news. Others did obnoxious dance parties where ever they were when I told them, as I jumped, squealed, and danced a jig myself.

Impromptu ice cream for everyone! Hot, muggy, July in the Midwest kind of night, standing in line for ice cream was like being a kid on summer vacation. I ordered two enormous scoops: the Chocinator ( all things chocolate mashed in to heaven) and Cookie Monster (blue moon ice cream  (my favorite) mixed with cookie dough bites and Oreos)! From my fella’s porch I watched it get dark, the street lights turning on. Our friends drifted home as though the lights were warning signals, just like when I was ten. I went to sleep feeling light and airy.

Just like Astair, I am dreaming of quadruple Ds. There is a dog in my not so distant future. While I know there are many upcoming hurdles, right now this celebration is better than any birthday party, graduation, holiday, or vacation. I feel completely carefree.

Daily Prompt: Carefree






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  1. Wonderful! Congratulations!


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