Bachelorette Party vs Book Club

“Bachelorette Party?” the manager smirked at a hung over staff member.

“Book club” she cringed back.

Our book club is probably a little bit… off. Three years ago several members our bookstore made an exodus for employment elsewhere. Only then did we decide to formally meet somewhere to talk about books. We invited everyone. Anyone who had ever worked in books, anyone we knew who admitted to reading them, anyone who was holding one. We met in a public place. Until we decided the group was small enough and likable enough to take home. Like a warm up after a few dates.

Rules of Book Club:

  1. Rotating Fiction/Nonfiction each month.
  2. Majority express interest in the title. This is not done by voting, be loud, be aggressive, politicize book club.
  3. As few members as absolutely possible should have already read the book. As we are voracious readers sometimes at least one person has but out of nine or so that ain’t bad.
  4. Once a year we do a mash up or unusual book club such as a book swap or a re-read of a childhood favorite and discuss the experience instead of a specific book.
  5. Expect us to get off topic, then back on topic, then back off topic. We like each other and we drink.
  6. We drink. Not extensively every time. Not every one. But occasionally, for example while discussing book covering the topic of mass movements, book club ends in some one sleeping in the bathtub and long conversations on a balcony. Tequila shots at book club!
  7. You are not required to read the book however some effort to is appreciated. You are required to contribute to the conversation anyhow.
  8. We do field trips. If we just read Much Ado About Nothing and the local collage is preforming a rendition set in the sixties, we are going.
  9. Rotating location for meeting shared between members. If we are homeless go to Tim Horton’s.
  10. We play Nazi scavenger hunts through book club books. “Nazi’s on page 80. I win book club!”

Learning the Fundamentals Day Three: Visit the Neighbors.

I really enjoyed reading through a lot of blogs for my intellectual neighbors on WordPress. There are lots of great writers out there reading interesting things. I also wanted to introduce you to my physical community of thought.

What does your reading community look like? Or gardening club? Or dance partners? Or artist’s studio? Who are the people making up your world and what are their rules?


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