A Morning Glory by Any Other Name…

Everything I know about blogging I learned on a Xanga account in 2003.

“Don’t criticize a professor on the internet. Or include his first and last name. Some people google themselves.”

That’s it. So I am learning fresh, with some of my undergrad nativity worn off by the world. WordPress offers “Learning the Fundamentals” courses. My whole life is pretty much an experiment. Welcome to the show. Feedback is appreciated, as is grace and patience. Lesson two: Title and Tagline.

Originally I posted the site hastily. I wanted to just do something to get the ball rolling in my life. Taking action, guns blazing, stop crying, your typical feature film. So I named the site Bylines and Books. After all, I will predominately be writing about books and I like alliteration.

Truthfully, bylines is bullshit. Much to my chagrin I had to admit to myself, my fella, and now you, I will probably never write about anything that could have current affairs bylines. I barely know what year we’re in.

Seedy Syntax is actually a lot more me. I’m a little bit trashy and a little bit formal. I’m a blue collar kid who grew up with her nose in a book. So when I speak in an educational setting there’s a bit of the wrong tinge of slang around the proper words and when I gave the toast at my sister’s wedding she wanted to see the speech to make sure the crowd understood the words I used. There was very minor editing.

The tagline sets the tone for the site. It’ll probably predominately be about fiction because that’s how I roll, I’m verbose on the subject of my favorite passages, but I still think, if you can bare with me as we go, it’ll journey worth taking with me.

Send me a shout if you have any first timer advice. Let me know if you’ve done Learning the Fundamentals and what helped most. If there are other resources that have helped you learn about blogging I’d love a link or book recommendation.


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