Airplane of Pages

Trigger Warning contains the short story A Calendar of Tales by Neil Gaiman. My favorite of the tales, timely, was July. The narrator has his wife walk out on him. Who can’t relate to that crushing feeling of being abandoned? Heartbreak, as the country songs inform us, is a shared human experience. The fears and apprehensions of what happens in those isolated moments following seem common enough.

Our storyteller soothes his brokenness with books, although in a slightly unorthodox manner. He explains:

I took more books into the igloo I had made out of books, and I read in there.

Escapism is one of the many perks of being a reader. Mobility is another. Readers can hide in the backyard and enter a jungle, a spaceship, or Antarctica. As much comfort as reading can be during times of turmoil there is always the chance the mind won’t return.

I recall being seriously warned by an aunt about the dangers of reading Lord of the Rings. It wasn’t that she had concerns regarding the fantasy or magical nature, as some of my friends relatives had, instead she relayed a memory of a college pal who started reading the trilogy and stopped attending classes. Her friend never left the dorm room and when anyone visited it was all the student would discuss. The story had become an addiction, it had usurped her life.

May your life be blessed with many books posing such a risk.      


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